Three distinct Authors

October 11, 2009

Three Distinct Authors

Writer’s Block: Poetry and Food for Thought, is a collective body of work, written by three very distinct authors, born of the same bloodline. Authors, Chance, K. Caprice and Carlotta Arradondo, collaborate to share their individual stories through poetry and prose.

Divided into three sections and blended with photography by Eugene Nichols and Tobechi Tobechukwu, the authors give insight into their personal pain, struggles, world views, goals, joys, determination and triumphs, that sets them apart, but also binds them together.

Writer’s Block: Poetry and Food for Thought, has the ability to free the mind, heal the body and satisfy the soul.

Contact information: CEO Carlotta Arradondo

Title: Writer’s Block: Poetry and Food for Thought
Authors: Chance Arradondo, K. Caprice Arradondo, Carlotta Arradondo
Published: 4/9/2009
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781438934655
Retail Price: $10.49
Available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Authorhouse, AALBC and Black Lines Publishing

New York, NY– (eMediaCampaigns!)–Working in collaboration with her son, Chance, and nephew, K. Caprice Arradondo, two-time author, Carlotta Arradondo recently released. Writer’s Block. The publication is an inspirational arrangement of short story telling, awakening truths, and intuitive poetic expressions.

“Writer’s Block is a combination of poetry and food for thought,” says Carlotta Arradondo. “I believe I was instructed to write it by a Higher Power. I just couldn’t leave the poetry alone, and it wouldn’t leave me alone.”

The book covers physical and emotional healing, overcoming challenges, manifesting desires, spiritually, and personal growth. Courtesy of photographer, Eugene Nichols, Writer’s Block features spectacular photography of the authors throughout.

At just 19 and 21 years old, respectively, Chance and his cousin, K. Caprice are already seasoned poets who are establishing a reputation for writing and producing warm, heart-felt, and inspirational prose that engage the heart. The trio have masterfully created a space of empowerment for their readers. Their unique styles and content touches the heart on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Boldly, it summons the omnipotent spirit within, and solidly outperforms most books of its kind. Be prepared to be inspired.

SOURCE: eMediaCampaigns!

REPORTER: Fran Briggs






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